Looking Me in the Eyes

Casey & Danielle Dizebba.jpg

A couple of months ago I had a dream about Casey. In the dream I was in this enormous old house, that had about ten tiny floors inside. I just kept exploring the house, walking up every flight of stairs to the next floor. Every floor I came to I walked around and peered into every room, curious to see what was inside. I came to the 8th or 9th floor and as I peered into one of the rooms I saw Casey and Lisa sitting on the floor in this tiny little room watching TV on this tiny TV screen. There was nothing in the room but them, the TV and a small window. It was dark outside so I couldn’t really see them very well. The only thing that lit up the room was the light from the TV screen. Casey was wearing a pink shirt. I forget what Lisa was wearing but, Lisa just kept her eyes fixed on the TV. Casey however, turned her head and looked at me. She didn’t say a word she just looked me in the eyes.

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