A Visit From Casey

Elyse, sami, & Casey hs prom.jpg

This winter, Lindsey, Sami, and I visited Casey [at the cemetery]. We brought along some flowers and a candle to light while we stayed with her. It was very windy and very cold out. After many attempts to light the candle, the flame finally stayed. It was strange because the wind was kicking up but that candle sitting next to her stone wouldn’t go out. After a little while, the candle blew out mysteriously. The weird thing about it was the wind had stopped blowing and everything was so quiet when the candle went out. We believe that Casey was there with us, but couldn’t stay too long. The candle, we feel, was a sign from her. We miss you Casey. We love you, always

[To see more photos from Casey’s Jr. Prom in 2005, click here .]

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  1. janice gallagher 14 years ago

    Beautiful story, Elyse. I agree that Casey was indeed visiting with you that day. It was so nice of you and your friends to stop by with flowers and a candle.
    Casey’s Aunt Janice

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