“Good Job Turd”

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So I haven’t shared this particular dream with anyone yet because I was kind of unsure at first, whether I just had Casey on my mind and she appeared in my dream or because there was a deeper meaning. I figured I’d wait it out and see, under the circumstances if it reoccurred.

These past couple of months I have been in the process of applying to law school. I’m sure most people knew that I wanted to go, but it was really only Casey out of my friends that I spoke with in depth about it and she was extremely supportive and encouraging, as many of us felt from her.

While waiting to hear back from my applications I began to be pretty bummed that the first person I wanted to tell any good news to wouldn’t be here.

A month ago I had a dream and it was random, nothing about Casey at first, but the very end of it she appeared and she just smiled and said “good job turd”. ha…Casey talk. The next day I received my first acceptance letter.

I haven’t had a dream with her in it again until four days ago. She appeared at the end of the dream again and smiled. The next day I got my second acceptance letter.

Last night I had a wild dream, actually a scary one ha. But at the end of the dream out of nowhere Casey appeared again and said “I approve.”

Today I got my third acceptance letter.

So I have no idea about dreams, but I have to believe at this point that Casey in fact knows what is going on in our lives still and perhaps even before we do and shes still very much a part of them.

I hope I get to see her again soon and see if this keeps happening because its a wonderful sign from her if so.

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  1. DianneAnderson 14 years ago

    Yes Rachael, I do believe that Casey does know what is going on in our lives. Mediums believe that spirits communicate with us through our dreams and I feel that this is exactly what Casey has done with you! Thanks so much for posting your dreams!

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