“Creepy” “Cow” and “Cinderella”

Brooke & Meaghan visit with Tess and Marie 005.jpg

This past weekend, I went to Springfield with Meaghan Dillon to visit The Feldmans. I brought the game “Apples to Apples” with me, since Di and Joel had told me they left their copy of the game in their shore house in Sea Isle. The game is basically that each player has 5 red cards with nouns/verbs and there is a pile of green adjective cards. Someone flips over a green adjective card, and each player puts down the red card they think best matches the description.

As I was moving the cards out of the box to set it up on the counter, a couple of the top green cards fell off the top, revealing the adjective green card “Creepy”– Casey’s widely-used adjective. When I was dealt my hand of red cards before even starting the game, I saw that one was “Cows” and the other was “Cinderella.” We all know “cows” is how Casey described mean/lame people. When Casey gave her friends at Fordham their matching Disney Princesses, she considered me Cinderella- the other blonde princess. It was definitely chilling to see Creepy, then flip over my cards to see Cows and Cinderella. I think Casey was there with me, Meaghan, Di, and Joel, watching us play Apples to Apples.

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