AM New York Headline: Life After Death


I was walking from Fordham to my internship this morning. I always think about Casey when I’m just walking around New York alone, the city she loved and wanted to spend time in after school. Today, I was wearing a cardigan of Casey’s that I now have because I remember seeing her wear it a lot around school. I hadn’t worn it before today.

So, I pass by the subway entrance and, as always, there is a man in a red jacket passing out AM New Yorks- which automatically make my brain jump to Casey, as it did even before she died (Casey interned at amNewYork in the spring of 09′). The guy turned and on the back of his jacket was the cover of today’s paper– this was all as I was just walking by really fast on my way– and the headline on the front jumped out at me “LIFE AFTER DEATH?” in big, bold contrast letters. I got a chill, even though it was already 30-ish degrees, but it was like a closer kind of chill not a wind chill. I get chills a lot when I think of Casey, I remember noticing this early on in the summer, even. I think it was a sign that she is here still in New York and she is okay.

I picked up a copy of the paper on my lunch hour- turns out it was promotional cover for some science fiction series. When I flipped open the front, this one sentence in the promo cover popped out at me and I read it first: “”This theory implies that a person could live on digitally after death.” Maybe Casey was trying to communicate that she appreciates what people are doing with the websites made for her… because I often wonder how she would feel about everything that has been done to memorialize her online.

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