Casey’s Bedroom Window


We have 5 windows on the 2nd floor of our house facing the rear of our property and directly over the roof of our sunporch. When Joel and I (Casey’s mom & dad) returned from CO on August 22 or 23, 2009 after returning Brett to school, I was astounded when I walked into Casey’s room and saw that the screen on her bedroom window was ripped apart. None of the other screens had been touched! Casey’s window is on the far end of the house, and Brett’s at the opposite end, with of course, the other 3 windows in between. I thought for a split second that maybe Casey or Casey’s spirit had been trying to get into her room!

In coming up with an “earthly” explanation that could more easily be understood, I thought that it was possibly a visit from some racoons, who had frequented our roof the year before. The last time we saw them visit had been in the fall of 08′ when we watched them on several different occasions enjoying the grapes on the arbor directly outside of Brett’s window (closest window in the picture). They had never bothered any of the screens before.

Assuming it was the racoons, why did they choose Casey’s window and not touch the others at all? Why were they seemingly so intent on ripping up the screen the way they did? What were they trying to do? What compelled them? I might add that they didn’t return this past fall, and 08′ was the last time that we saw them. I am simply making an assumption that it may have been the racoons who were responsible for this.

[Note: While these photos were taken in Jan., 2010 to accompany this story, this is the way the screens appeared in Aug.09′ upon our return home.]

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